Sunday, 7 April 2013

Oscar Galt w/ YORQUE + Belle Noble + Michael Robinson @ The Evelyn Hotel 07.04.2013

Oscar Galt launched his debut album 'Guilt Factory' last night at Melbourne's Evelyn Hotel with three separte support acts.

Starting off the night was Micahel Robinson who I unfortunately missed seeing due to a couple late trams and I'm told I really miseed out so I'm hoping to catch one of his upcoming sets whenever that may be.

I was, though, in time to see Belle Noble who was awarded the NMIT Songwriter of the Year Award and I was so happy that I got there in time because I haven't seem something so amazing in a young performerin a very long time.

With a band behind her, Noble delivered a set of soul-pop with an almost eerie tone surrounding it. It was a beautiful harmony or the two that balanced together so perfectly.

Songs like 'Running Back to Him' has a real groove to it with hooks that stayed in your head for the rest of the night.

YORQUE were third on the bill with main act Oscar Galt on bass guitar and it didn't stop there, their set was a bit of a revolving cast of members. A bass player who drummed and a drumme that played electric guitar and bass, a guitarist who sung and a singer who played guitar and keys.

A folk band who says they could have just played "the fastest folk song ever".

They had a classic pairing of a male and female singer who both have these light, husky voices that climb into these powerful highs at all the right moments.

Most of their songs were just that, until the very last song, one bought to the band by Oscar. A song called 'End This Now' was their heaviest song, quite full on and extremely emotional.

Galt took to the stage with a couple of fellow YORQUE band members and played an extremely varied set of original songs.

Galt is the owner of a very raw voice, acommanying that almost harsh, untapped nature of his songs. Though, they are extremely refined.

Each instrument is it's own but works together so well. Galt and his band had a lot of fun with their set and made sure to interact with the crowd as much as possible.

Playing soft '60's love ballads' and moving into fast 50-second acoustic punk songs kept the audience on their feet and constantly wondering what was going to happen next.

Galt is a great songwriter with lyrics like, "I am the cough drop you choke on, I am the mountain that blocks the sun... I am a pest  and the friendship I give you is limited".

Go and like these unsigned bands' facebook pages so you can keep up to date with their future gigs and happenings: Oscar Galt, YORQUE and Belle Noble.

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